Class visits: The Temple of Journalism and a city room that feels like home

Posted: January 28, 2011 by Barbara Selvin in Manhattan
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We visited The New York Times on Jan. 11, and I wrote about our morning there on my blog about journalism education. Here’s an excerpt:

Dave [Joachim, SBU ’93, Times banking editor] had arranged a terrific morning for us, beginning, he hoped, with our sitting in on the morning Page One meeting (sitting in the visitors gallery, mind you). But someone had beaten him to the gallery seats, booking them for a group of students from Princeton . . . Quick on his feet, Dave arranged for us to observe the morning meeting at the Continuous News Desk, which couldn’t have been a happier turn of events.

Exactly a week later, on Jan. 18, we spent a morning at the New York Daily News:

What this newsroom has in spades over the Times is good, old-fashioned clutter. Desks sag under stacks of folders, piles of loose papers, souvenirs from press conferences. Partitions boast family photos, yellowed clippings, old cartoons. At the Times, friends there tell me, the décor police politely ask staffers to remove anything that detracts from the newsroom’s clean, serene lines. The word “architect” doesn’t come to mind when you’re in the Daily News newsroom. The difference between the feel of the Temple of Journalism newsroom and that of the Daily News is the difference between the hushed impersonality of a mansion’s foyer and the living room of a two-family house in Elmhurst. Majesty is all right in its place – but the Daily News feels like a home.

Read more about our visit to the News here.


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